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“Without REDU I would have taken much longer to start… the support was invaluable in my time of need.”

Kurtis V. | Public Policy and Community Engagement


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“This process built my confidence.”

Lois M. | Non-profit Management

Tested career-building services and tools for students, professionals and small business owners that get results.

“Any doubts or fears I may have had prior to using these services definitely subsided after my experience…”

Ricardo R. | Customer Service Management


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“I chose to work with Chris-Ann from REDU because I heard many great reviews from friends who have worked with her in the past and were successful…”

Eugenia A. | Healthcare

Focus on the possibilities.

Think about your career for a moment.

Is there a risk you want to take, a change you want to make?

Do you want to try something new?

But, you still haven’t made a move…


Are you waiting for the perfect timing?

Are you mulling over potential or past losses?

Do you feel stuck? Overwhelmed? Or not sure where to start?

Life is unpredictable. Risk or change can be scary and challenging.

Learning takes time. The questions abound.

The imposter syndrome feels strong. You may even feel like you don’t have enough motivation or support.

Trust me, we get it.

So, let’s change our perspective for a moment.

How many times have you missed opportunities by avoiding risk and change?

Is it more times than you can count or would like to admit?

We get that too.

Self-fulfilling prophecies.

The reality is…

To do anything, we must have hope.

We must see the possibilities. We must see the risk or change as worth it.

The presence of fear doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it. In fact, it means you have skin in the game. The change or risk matters.

And it should because…

This is your career we’re talking about.

Your life’s work. Your income source. It’s the way we create the lives we want.

It matters because the time and the energy you put into it are valuable.

You know the life you want. You can stay where you are or you can take steps to create it.

You can start today.

And, you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help.


It’s time to grow.

“By consistently applying the advice that Chris-Ann from REDU gave, I was promoted twice in under 2 years, able to secure a position at a different company and close to tripled my salary…”

Rohan F. | Financial Risk Management

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Read our FREE EBOOK Start Anyway: 5 Reasons to Ignore the Noise and Start Building Your Career Today

WIP (Work-In-Progress) Program

CAREER BUILDING PROGRAM – for Individuals and Groups

“This is a valuable program. It is delivered in an informative and relatable way. Through projects and challenges, the participants are able to build their resumes while receiving encouragement and support in learning how to apply for scholarships, present themselves to future employers, consider business development, and more. They are building self-confidence and knowledge that will help them succeed in any sphere.”

Nana A. | Community Engagement and Development

Ghostwriting and Editing

Books, Blogs or Email Newsletters for Professionals and Business Owners

  • Biographies/Memoirs
  • Industry-Specific Books/Documents (Business, How-to, Self-Help, etc.)
“Thank you to Chris-Ann from REDU for your excellent work copy and content editing this project. You are a gift and a friend.”

Toyin C. | Best-Selling Author and Financial Coach

Career Consultation

“I was looking to take my career to the next level and hadn’t done my resume in some time. It was something that always made me nervous and overwhelmed and I felt like I didn’t know where to start. Chris-Ann from REDU was so easy to talk to and reassured me that with some direction the process wouldn’t feel so daunting.”

Merit S. | Training and Education

Career Strategy

“A conversation with Chris-Ann from REDU is like an efficiently moving conveyor belt…you start with a bunch of parts and you end with a product (concrete next steps) that you feel satisfied with.”

Amanda B. | Community Development and Non-profit Management

Resume Reformat

“I just wanted to update you that I had three interviews today! I randomly applied to 8 jobs on indeed last week and from that, I got three interviews today which all went well. Thank you again for your help! Your guidance and work for my resume and cover letter really did the job.”

Rebeca S. | Administrative Services – Healthcare

Application Evaluation

“Since working with Chris-Ann from REDU, I’ve gotten a job with the resume she helped me with, I won 3 scholarships for college and I’m currently learning how to write a business plan, something I never thought I would ever write.”

Trevaun D. | Fitness and Community Engagement

Interview Prep

Chris-Ann from REDU asks thoughtful questions to gain a deeper understanding of you as a person and of the role you are applying for. She is skilled at helping people through their thought processes and telling you the truth.”

Melanie M. | Healthcare

“Truly, I appreciate you so much. You were such a blessing at a difficult time. This win is with your help.”

Lini R. | Administrative Services – Business Development

Hey! We’re still updating our website. If a link doesn’t work and you need to get in touch with us, email us at hello@careersbyredu.com.