Wear the same thing every day.

I have the privilege or choice to work from home most of the time. I say privilege because not everyone is able to even if they wanted to. I say choice, because others may choose something different. 

Do I dress up for work? Nope. I wear the same thing everyday. Well, almost. 

I have a uniform, as in I set aside a few pairs of clothing to wear each day, on repeat. Wash, then repeat again. I can thank prep school in Jamaica for this. I’d been wearing uniforms for years there, so naturally when I moved to Canada, I would want a change right?

Nope. The act of choosing clothing for school everyday was annoying to me. So, I asked my parents to enroll me in a uniformed high school. Best decision. I’d get up, do my morning routine, and choose from 5 pieces of clothing: Pants or a kilt, dress shirt, sweater or vest. Everyday. End of story.

If you’re interested in curating your own uniform, or capsule wardrobe as it is affectionately called by many, here’s a few tips:

  1. Keep it really simple. If you already have a bunch of clothes, choose from those. If you don’t, don’t go crazy with the shopping either. Have a list of the type of things you’re looking for (eg. 2 pairs of jeans, 3 shirts etc.). Try not to go beyond your list.
  2. Choose items of clothing that are comfortable and that you like. If they’re uncomfortable and you don’t like them, you may not wear them. Keep that in mind.
  3. Choose a colour you don’t mind wearing multiple times and that looks good with your complexion. Just because you may be wearing the same or similar things every day doesn’t mean you don’t want to look nice. Unless you don’t care, or work from home like me, you can save the nicer outfits for when you leave the house.

I could probably add more but I think these are good places to start. You could also watch Matt D’Avella’s My Minimalist Wardrobe video for kicks.

If you already have a uniform of your own or capsule wardrobe, I’d love to hear your tips. Reach out.